You truly should be in a position to have a clean work environment for granted. That's why our cleaners ensure that your business gets the office clean as you need, every time, without fail.

Regardless of what your business does, a clean workplace is very important to your institution's standing and more importantly the general wellness and safety. A clean workplace reduces germs and the spread of illness among employees. Flu insect spreads like wildfire. All surfaces should be disinfected frequently as a control measure. Safe aseptic cleaning will greatly reduce sick days off which could have a huge effect on productivity of the company.

Working together with your business's needs, we provide weekly or bi-weekly support of constant quality. Below is a listing of the kind of cleaning we perform in each area of your workplace.

General Office/Desk Space – throughout each room we dust off all horizontal surfaces, computer screens and keyboards, clean baseboards and remove cobwebs. We also take out your trash stained paper and recycling and reline your own bins.

Meeting Rooms – clean off all tables, clean glass on mirrors and frames and vacuum room.

Kitchen – clean inside and outside of microwave, wash out of cooker such as beneath stove burners and stove top, wash off all counters and sink, clean out of dishwasher and refrigerator and mop the floor.

Bathroom – clean outside and within toilet bowl and tank, wash inside and out of sink/basin, clean mirror(s) and wash floor.

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